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I heard it on the news I saw it on T.V.
The plight of the English pub I really can’t believe
Yes fifty of them a week have closed their doors for good
It’s a simple fact of life they say that will never be understood

The pub at the end of the street is closing down
It was one of the greatest pubs in out little town
It’s the news of the day our pub has passed away
Yes the pub at the end of the street is closing down

 Goodbye to the FOX and HOUNDS farewell we say to THE CROWN
It’s away with the SAIL and ANCHOR they’re pulling it to the ground
The ELEPHANT & CASTLE &TRAMWAY INN are simply there no more
And in the months ahead they say there’s more bad news in store


The PLOUGH has come to rest THE KING has lost his HEAD
The FOX no longer runs away and the HOUNDS have gone to bed
THE BELL no longer rings upon this saddened day
Yes fifty pubs a week are now all on their way

THE DUKE OF YORK has fallen The BARLEY MOW’s no more
THE HEAD of the QUEEN has fallen off & buried by the old BLUE BOAR
The WHEATSHEAF ROYAL OAK BULLS HEAD Yes all these pubs have gone

THE LION is no longer RED The SWAN no longer BLACK
THE GOOSE has lost its feathers THE DUCK has lost its quack
THE LAMB has lost its tongue The DUN COW can’t be found
THE CHECKERS & THE PHEASANTS INN have been toppled to the ground.