HOME Throw some wood in the Fire

Throw some wood in the fire dear
my mother said to me
It reminds me of the way it was in nineteen thirty three
Though winters were cold, the hearts were warm
Much warmer than to day
When gas and electrified power came in
Those hearts got melted away

So throw some wood in the fire dear
My mother again said to me
And put the kettle on it for a nice wee cup of tea
It's just about all we can afford dear
Since inflation came our way
My God it will soon be tomorrow
and we haven't yet lived today

Well put another stick on the fire dear
Cos you've let it get much too low
Just stoke it well up with that chair leg
There's so little of it left to go
For the night is still young and cold dear
With manys an hour until day
So keep your head and your spirits up
Cos supper is well on its way

So throw another sausage in the pan dear
The pig came from Armagh you know
In those days t'was a beautiful county
But now you're either friend or foe
It's time to put down guns and weapons
And pick up the tools of the trade
So throw another log on the fire dear
And come eat this supper I've made.