HOME Tiggers the Tailless Cat

If you want me
Said the Tiggers cat one day
But don't hold me
Too near
Oh he neglected to say
With an indignant Meow
"You should know my now
For cat's sake can't you tell
When all is not well
I've this paralysing fear
When you hold me too near"
He said in one breath
As if scared to death
But no it's not all true
As I'll explain to you

Cos the Tiggers cat was a tailless cat
Yes a little self conscious was he
Never bothered with certain catty things
Like milk or cheese nor even a she

But he wasn't slow to let you know
That you were being a bit bold
No matter who when him you threw
Out there in the cold

"I may be a Tiggers Tom cat" he painfully meowed and said
"But when there's snow I'll let you know at the bottom of your bed
And perchance if I should want a stroll out there in the night
I'll scratch and scrake until you wake so don't put up a fight.

Cos there's one thing you can't forget
One thing that will never fail
Upon my soul or an empty bowl
YOU helped me lose my tail

Although I know it has gone
I'm still lucky to be alive
I'm proud to be near the maple tree
Under the stove at Box 85 ".