HOME A Bus Load of Women

Of course I remember that funny sight
Yes I think you were drinking bacardi that night
We arrived there...I don't remember how
To a pub just outside town, they called the DUN COW.

Now this place was booming with voices so loud
Yes voluble women mostly made up that crowd
And as we sat down for a quiet drink
I mistakenly gave an old woman a wink.

Now about that strange pub (I should have said)
In the one and only loo fitted only one head
And beside that ill door we found ourselves that night
When that queue for the loo made a terrifying sight.

Now the lady that I'd winked at (as I've said before)
Found herself near me at that ever-closed door
And when she gave me a look like you would to a star
It was then that I realised that I'd gone much too far.

For she'd told her friend that a verile young man
Was sitting right up there next to the pan
And with giggles and grins they came round us with glee
Disappearing for a while when that old loo was free.

Now that bus driver man had long since gone out
To his bus at the back .... he had said with a shout
"Come on now dear ladies it is time to depart"
It was then that I recall that the long line did start.

They went in and out faster as the time it flew past
And when half an hour later stood that woman ...the last
But before she had finished and without too much fuss
The first in that line was back out of that bus!