HOME Three tales of the Same Story

The old man looked at the young girl
With kindness radiating from his brown eyes
He saw a picture of his past flash in front of his face
A past full of life and love, a past full of hurt and hate
And remembering all this
And wanting to pass on some of this knowledge to the young girl
He smiled and began to speak......

The young girl glanced at the old man
With indifference dripping from her face
She saw a picture of her future flash in front of her eyes
A future full of life and love a future full of happiness and hope
And seeing all this
And not wanting to waste any time with the old man
Who had begun to speak to her
She turned and hurried herself away......

I watched an old man meet a young girl
With different looks on their faces
The old man seemed kind and understanding
The young girl looked healthy and hurried
The old man smiled and began to speak
But the young girl ignored him and left him on his own
Sadly I watched them part
The old man calm and content like a rock
The young girl churlish and changeable like the sea......